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I actually had to miss a couple of weeks of my one night out and it definitely started to affect my well being! So, this past Thursday, I was as giddy as a school girl about the prospect of some free time. It all started out pretty well. I had a very productive day, work-wise […]



I’m back on a regular schedule of One Night Out. Tonight I’m meeting my friend, Samsarah, for dinner and a movie. I also may start blogging for the Alameda Patch. Things are in motion…

Last night was so…normal! I realize how drifting away from my regularly scheduled program can get me out of sorts once I go back to my regularly scheduled program. No plans. No commitments. Just me. I woke up today feeling like a new woman. I dropped the kids off with my mother-in-law after school as […]

This past Tuesday I used my free night out to help phone bank in support of our upcoming, contentious, and very seriously needed parcel tax to help our schools. If you’re reading and you’re an Alameda resident (living, perhaps in some secret bunker with no media access or human contact), you can visit here for […]

Sketch Tuesdays


Tonight is my Tuesday and it also happens to be “Sketch Tuesday” at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. You’d think it would be really pretentious, but it’s actually not. I’ve gone to a couple of them. I love meeting the artists, getting a few cool pieces for around $10, and having drinks with friends […]

It’s Simple


“One Night Out” is not the same as a “Mom’s Night Out.” It is not about being a book club, or playing Bunco, or craft night. It is simply about unstructured time you designate for yourself the same time every week. If you follow the simple rules, you too can experience, just for a few […]