The Beauty of Nothing


Haven’t posted in a while about my sacred Tuesdays. Nothing much to report except that they are still happening. Two weeks ago, I picked up my friend, Kevin, and we headed to San Francisco to see OF GODS AND MEN. Excellent movie. Very different from my usual nights and times of sipping sake and eating some delectible. Food for thought, way!

Last Tuesday, I was all by my lonesome and did my usual trek to Kamakura sushi. Before that, despite the high gas prices, I ran errands and enjoyed just driving around in the drizzle. (NOTE: I broke the “no errands” rule. I survived.) I was able to snap a sneaky photo of Kamakura’s owner, Faith, who just fascinates me. No one can shove a candle in some green tea ice cream and sing Happy Birthday like Faith!

I’m especially proud of the fact that I still kept my date with myself even though we had just come back from a three-day jaunt down in Monterrey. Believe me, I needed to be alone.

This Tuesday I had a simple night at my friend, Lynn’s house. We cooked dinner and drank wine and talked.

Sometimes, that’s all you need.

*Next week: it’s time for the Dames again. We’re heading to the Taddich Grill in San Francisco on Monday. Check in on Tuesday because there will be tales and accompanying photos! The Taddich doesn’t have a website, so the link sends you to Yelp. I can’t wait. I love how the bar seems to be in the middle of the place, the booths are all square and woody, and it always seems to be hopping.


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